Plan an accessible journey

Planning on accessibility of vehicles and stops

With the 9292 planner you can plan an accessible journey. This means the planner takes accessibility of stops, stations and vehicles into account. This is convenient for those who travel in a wheelchair or have difficulty walking, but also for those travelling with a pram or suitcases.

To plan an accessible journey you can click in the planning block on the website or on the wheelchair symbol in the extra options section of the app or website. In addition, we inform you in the travel advice which stops are provided with a blind-guiding line.

Vehicle accessibility

9292 obtains the information about vehicle accessibility from the data provided by other public transport companies. When you are travelling with NS (railways), the train is considered accessible if there is assistance at the stations. For more information and booking NS travel assistance.

Accessibility of stops

9292 obtains the information on the accessibility of stops from the 'Centraal Haltebestand' (Central Stops File). The provinces and road authorities are responsible for the data in this file. 

Other accessibility

There is no information available (yet) on the platforms of the railway stations. Of course we want to include this information as well in the future, so reliable information will be available on this.