9292 Reisadvies API

Travel Adviced API

National Public Transport (PT) travel information

Do you have a website or app on which you would like to show travel information? With the 9292 Reisadvies API you can construct your own travel planner. There are various functionalities imaginable. Read more about them below.

What’s your plan with the 9292 Reisadvies API?

Are you creating an app in which you would like to incorporate public transport travel information? Or are you creating a website on which you conduct calculations for the transport of your target audience? Both applications are possible using the 9292 Reisadvies API. Even if you have entirely different ideas, we’re interested in hearing from you! We will gladly join you in considering the options.

What can you do with the 9292 Reisadvies API?

Standard options

With the 9292 Reisadvies API, you can use the information for the displaying or calculating of the following, examples:

  • Complete travel advice; 
  • Travel expenses (for target audience transport); 
  • Travel advice from or to a particular location; 
  • Travel advice with or without certain modalities.

Decide what you want to display to the visitor. In this way, the visitor only gets to see information that is relevant for the purpose of your product.

Additional options

In addition to the standard functionalities of the 9292 Reisadvies API, various additional options are possible:

  • Real time: the public transport advice is adjusted on the basis of real time public transportation modifications. (Is my train delayed or will my bus still pass by?)
  • CO2: you can view the comparison between the emissions of the car and the bus, train, tram or metro; expressed in grams per kilometer per traveler. 
  • Centre zone: the center zone, including star value, is used for the determination of a regional subscription.

We will gladly discuss the options with you

Would you like to know more, or do you have any particular questions you’d like to ask? We will gladly discuss the options with you. Contact our Marketing & Sales Support department on+31 88-0760620 or send an email to