9292 Vertrekwijzer

Departure Tool

Public transport information about the stop around the corner

The same public transport information in the hall of the office as at the stop around the corner, is that possible? Absolutely! Using the 9292 Vertrekwijzer, you can use one clear overview to show the departure times of the bus, train, tram, metro or ferry, leaving from a stop nearby. With this, the 9292 Vertrekwijzer also adheres to the BREAAM demands set for a “transportation information point”. Read more about it below.

Overview of departure times

Show your visitor whether they have to hurry or whether they can take their time after your consultation. With the public transport departure times in the hall of your office, you provide an extra service for your visitors. It is also a nice service for your own employees.

Install the 9292 Departure Tool yourself

Ordering the 9292 Departure Tool directly from us? Then you will be able to install it yourself. Composing the 9292 Departure Tool is straightforward. You can indicate for which stop(s) or train station(s) you would like to see departure information. We will gladly assist you in selecting the right stop(s), if necessary.

The 9292 Departure Tool is an application (XML) that can be adapted to suit your house style.

BREEAM Certification

Would you like to adhere to the requirements set by BREAAM? With the 9292 Departure Tool, you can obtain one point by using the tool under the section “transportation information point”. BREEAM-NL is an assessment method that is used to determine the sustainability performance of buildings.

9292 in cooperation with narrowcasters

Of course, it is also possible that you would like to display more information using narrowcasting or the intranet. Public transport information could be part of that information. 9292 cooperates with 7 parties, which together supply a variety of narrowcasting solutions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you need help!

Any remaining questions?

Do you have any remaining questions, or would you like to order the 9292 Departure Tool? Call our Servicedesk at +31 88 - 07660620 or send an email to