Bus, tram, metro & boat

Travelling with a disability by bus, tram or metro

Travelling with a disability may lead to a number of questions. We have created an overview of practical information on travelling with disabilities. If you want to travel by bus, tram, and/or metro, this page tells you how to do so best.

Bus, tram and metro accessibility

This section explains how to travel with regional public transport such as bus, tram and metro.


Travelling with a wheelchair

You can travel by bus with your wheelchair. Some bus companies employ certain size requirements for your wheelchair. These requirements differ per company. Most bus stops are wheelchair-accessible, and many buses have extra low door entries or a walkway for easy boarding. Of course, the driver will also be ready to help.

Travelling with a motorised scooter

You cannot travel by bus with a motorised scooter.

Travelling with a stroller

Travelling with a physical disability

There are special seats in the bus for travellers with physical disabilities. These seats can usually be found right behind the driver. If other travellers are using these seats, it is all right to ask them to leave.


Tram accessibility

Not all trams in the Netherlands are equally accessible: there are many differences between operators. It is best to visit the websites of the tram operator you will be using.


Metro accessibility

The Netherlands has the metro companies GVB and RET. On their pages you can see which stops and metros are accessible.


Boat accessibility

The ferries of Aqualiner and Waterbus are accessible for 4 wheelchairs. Every boat has a steward who can help you board.


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