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Available data

The 9292 data will be made available after selection by the jury to the winners of the pitch for the development of the AI solution after phase 2. Use of this data is expressly only allowed for development of the AI solution for the 9292 AI competition and must be removed afterwards. 

What dates can you think of?

  • Access to 9292 API's
  • Access to 9292 data sets

Data sets

  • Travel requests for the entire year 2020: Unique number, request date/time, desired travel date/time, from location (station/stop/postcode 4 address), end location (station/stop/postcode 4 address);
  • Travel advisories for the entire year 2020: Unique number, start date/time leg(s), stop name leg(s), modality leg(s), travel time leg(s). 

Available APIs:

9292 Travel Advice API

You use the 9292 Travel advice API, for example, to display or calculate:
• Complete travel advice taking into account personal settings for travel time and speed;
• Travel expenses one way;
• Travel advice to or from a fixed location;
• Travel advice with or without certain means of transport;
• Plan a travel advice by bike, scooter or taxi in the 'First mile or Last mile'.


Other API’s (supplement to the Travel advice API)

9292 Locations API

Additional information for rental vehicles: planning by bike or scooter is available by default in the 9292 Travel advice API.

  • Through the 9292 Travel advice API, a public transport travel advice is provided with a walk-leg to a suitable rental location. Linking the Locations API to this will make more information available. Among other things, this API provides information about rental locations by arrival or departure location and the details of a rental location (including the number of available vehicles and opening hours);

  • Information about the current amount of available bikes is available in real time in the 9292 Locations API.

9292 Departure Times API

Information about every stop in the Netherlands! The Departures API provides information about stops and stop search options.

  • Looking for stops nearby or within a certain area? Do you want to know what public transport is available there and when they leave? The Departure times API provides that information nationwide, including up-to-date information on congestion, delays and changes to the scheduled timetable;

  • Scheduled and unscheduled notifications about transport services are included with each departure time so travellers are aware of relevant details before they leave.

9292 Timetables API 

For viewing timetables of all carriers, whether it is a specific carrier, specific line or specific trip.

  • Do you wish to know exactly what services a carrier offers? Or which rides are made for a line on a particular day? Exactly where and at what time a particular ride stops and whether that will change soon? Or exactly how the journey will be driven by road or rail and where the vehicle is now so you can show actual vehicle positions to travellers? The Timetable API can answer such questions for all published timetables in the Netherlands;

  • For rides on the current day or near future, this is supplemented by current data on changed departure times and other expected changes. Timetable information can be retrieved of all scheduled rides in the past, present and future, as far as known within the timetables published by carriers.


More information?

Would you like more information on this topic? Visit 9292.nl/zakelijk for additional documentation and manuals.