9292 AI Lab (English version)

9292 AI Lab (English version)

Pitch your AI idea and build your prototype in the 9292 AI Lab!

The world of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been turned upside down since ChatGPT was launched in late 2022. More and more products are being enriched with new AI capabilities and companies are exploring what opportunities this new technology can offer. By now, it is clear that AI is going to open up many new opportunities for businesses and consumers. 9292 is also very curious to see what AI can do for its services and is keen to explore this new technology with students and other interested parties. 9292 therefore launches the 9292 AI Lab! 

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What is the 9292 AI Lab?

In 2009, 9292 learned about the world of apps through a programming competition with students. From this competition, the first 9292OV Pro app was born. Just like when apps were introduced at the time, 9292 also believes in this new technology. We are eager to explore generative AI further with students and other interested parties! To this end, we are launching the 9292 AI Lab. 

Available data & API's  

Terms and conditions 9292 AI Lab 

Budget 9292 AI Lab 

Pitch your AI idea

How does 9292 AI Lab

How does it work?

  • Pitch your idea to 9292 for an AI solution for public transport travellers. You can submit your idea until September 22nd 2023 by using the pitch form;
  • On September 29th 2023, we will announce the teams that are selected to pitch;
  • On Monday October 2nd 2023, our 9292 AI Lab jury will judge the selected ideas at the Online Pitch Event;
  • The selected teams who can build a prototype will be announced on Wednesday October 5th 2023. These teams will receive before October 23th the necessary API’s and datasets from 9292 to start building a prototype;
  • The selected teams have from October 23th 2023 until December 15th 2023 to build their prototype and submit it to 9292;
  • The final will take place on December 18th. During the final, the remaining teams will present their prototype to the 9292 AI Lab jury;
  • The 9292 AI Lab jury will choose the final winner among the prototypes. The winner will be announced on December 21th 2023.


Planning 9292 AI Lab

Pitch your AI idea

Game rules

We have set some ground rules for participating in the 9292 AI Lab:

  • 9292 makes data available for the AI competition: overview of available data;
  • The data will be made available to the selected teams of the pitch for the development of the AI solution after selection by the jury;
  • Use of this data is expressly only allowed for development of the AI solution for the 9292 AI competition and must be removed afterwards;
  • By participating, participants agree to the terms and conditions set by 9292 for the 9292 AI Lab.

The jury

The jury of the 9292 AI Lab consists of:

  • Joost Mortier (managing director 9292) 
  • Peter van Brakel (business consultant 9292) 
  • Wilco Verdoold (lecturer / researcher Generative AI at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) 
  • Matthijs van den Broek (editor-in-chief of Marketingfacts) 
  • Paul Rooijmans (mobility expert and founder of Lynxx)