General Terms & Conditions for rental of mobility services

REISinformatiegroep B.V. (hereinafter: 'REISinformatiegroep' or '9292') is registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce under number 808840526 and operates a mobile application that allows registered customers to plan public transport travel and purchase mobility services from affiliated mobility partners.
REISinformatiegroep uses these General Terms & Conditions. Acceptance of these Terms of Use is done during the registration process in the mobile application by ticking the 'Agree' box prior to completing your registration. Without agreement, full use of 9292's services cannot be made. Without this agreement, you can plan trips but not use mobility services.

Article 1: Definitions


The customer's personal account that allows them to view and edit their data and use the service.


The 9292 app and Meerplus app (hereinafter: 'the app') are mobile applications belonging to REISinformatiegroep. The app serves as a means of access, as far as technically possible, for buying, reserving and renting services through connected mobility providers.


A natural person, entity or company (the latter two hereinafter collectively referred to as 'Corporate Clients') that is successfully and properly registered with 9292 and has entered into a valid Framework Agreement with 9292.

Framework Agreement

The agreement entered into between 9292 and the customer, under which the customer can use the app. The Framework Agreement is generated by creating an account and thereby accepting the General Terms & Conditions.

Article 2: Registration & Account

  1. The customer is not allowed to create multiple accounts.
  2. It is forbidden to read, copy or manipulate (access to) the app using IT means. Any such infringement or attempt to do so will lead primarily to exclusion from the app and all costs of the infringement in the event of any resulting damage will be borne by the customer.
  3. The customer is obliged to report irregularities concerning the account or, if relevant, the app to 9292 immediately via 9292 customer service in order for 9292 to take appropriate measures and prevent abuse. The customer will be informed of the action taken via email.
  4. The customer themselves is responsible for keeping their personal login details confidential and shall never sell, transfer, lend or otherwise allow them to be used by third parties. Within this context, 9292 expressly disclaims any liability.
  5. 9292 has the right to refuse a customer’s registration for whatever reason.

Article 3: Termination & ending of Framework Agreement

  1. The Framework Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated by any party on a daily basis without notice. Access to the app can be suspended by 9292 at any time.
  2. 9292 is entitled to terminate the Framework Agreement without prior notice with immediate effect if the customer:
    a) is two payments in arrears;
    b) has provided incorrect information or withheld facts when registering or during the term of the Framework Agreement;
    c) if any obligation of the Framework Agreement is not fulfilled.
  3. In the event of the termination of the Framework Agreement, access to the mobility service will be blocked immediately.
  4. More specifically, when the Framework Agreement is terminated, 9292 shall have the following rights:
    a) the right to immediate return of the means of transport used by the customer at that time. If the customer does not immediately return the means of transport, 9292 is entitled to take appropriate measures at the customer's expense in order to repossess the means of transport;

Article 4: Intellectual Property

  1. All intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, trademark rights, trade name rights, database rights and/or copyrights, in respect of the website and app and the content placed thereon, such as texts, articles, images, photographs, names, logos and icons, belong exclusively to 9292 and/or its licensors. If you wish to make further use of these intellectual property rights, please contact 9292 for a licence. 9292 and/or its licensors expressly reserve all rights.

Article 5: Your data

  1. 9292 takes privacy very seriously and therefore treats personal data with extreme care. The Privacy Statement sets out how 9292 processes personal data and what 9292 uses it for. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you agree to the contents of the Privacy Statement.

Article 6: Changes

  1. 9292 reserves the right, where necessary, to amend the Terms & Conditions. The Customer will be notified about this via the app and by email. The Customer must object within 1 (one) month of notification of any changes.
  2. Changes to these Terms & Conditions and/or tariffs will take effect on the date as published. Until the effective date of the change, the unchanged Terms & Conditions and tariffs will remain in force.

Article 7: Notifications & complaints

  1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, all messages to 9292 will be sent via email to Any notifications can be reported via the email address provided by the customer to 9292 during the registration process. If the customer has a complaint about 9292, they can contact the 9292 service desk at within a reasonable period of time after discovering the issue. 9292 will respond no later than 14 days after receipt of the complaint.

Article 8: Applicable law

  1. The Rental Agreement with these Terms of Use are subject to Dutch law; the competent court is the 'Rechtbank Midden Nederland'.
  2. There are no verbal agreements dissenting from this agreement. Amendments and supplements must be agreed in writing. Email will suffice as written agreement.
  3. In the event of there being versions of these Terms & Conditions in a language other than Dutch, the Dutch text will take precedence.
  4. Should one or more provisions of these Terms of Use be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Utrecht, November 2023