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Do you travel regularly and at fixed times by train?

It is often cheaper to travel for a fixed amount per month or with reduction. There are several possibilities. 

Traject Vrij

Monthly route pas to travel on a predetermined route by train for a month.  
Traject Vrij
Annual route pas to travel on a predetermined route by train for a year  
Weekend Vrij free travelling at the weekends (2nd class) € 34 per month
Dal Vrij free travelling in off-peak hours and weekends (2nd class) € 106 per month
Dal Voordeel 40% discount during off-peak hours and weekends    € 60 per year
Altijd Voordeel   standard 40% discount, during the week € 28 per month
Kids Vrij (grand)children always travel for free with a personal OV-chipkaart  free
Altijd Vrij annual free travelling 2nd class € 356 per month
Altijd Vrij monthly free travelling 2nd class € 437 per month
OV Voordeel in combination with Altijd Voordeel 20% reduction in bus, tram or metro € 12,00 per month
OV Vrij free travelling in bus, tram, metro and train Check the information


If you are in the possession of a season ticket, you can buy for free or with discount a Bijabonnement for your partner or your child over 12 years old.

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