9292 The Game

Game Conditions

General Game Conditions Promotional Games and Competitions

These General Game Conditions Promotional Games and Competitions (hereinafter:  ‘general game conditions ') apply to all 9292 | REISinformatiegroep B.V. (Catharijnesingel 39 3511 GC Utrecht, hereinafter: ' 9292) organised promotional games and promotions on 9292.nl, in our newsletters, on social media (hereinafter: the promotion).

By participating in the promotion, the participant agrees to the following promotion conditions:


  1. The promotion is only accessible to persons over 18 years of age residing in the Netherlands. If participation for minors (under 18 years of age) is permitted under the conditions of the specific promotion, participants shall declare to have obtained permission from (a) parent(s) or legal guardian to participate in the promotion.
  2. Each promotion will indicate how and in what period the promotion can be participated in and whether additional conditions for participation apply.
  3. Participation in the promotion is excluded for: employees of 9292, 9292 affiliates, and persons directly and/or indirectly involved in the organisation/realization of this promotion.
  4. If participation costs more than the cost of sending an e-mail, participation form or other data, these costs will be mentioned in the promotion. In any event, the costs per participation shall not exceed the communication costs indicated in the relevant promotion.
  5. The winner of the prize gives 9292 permission by participating to use the winner's name and/or footage of the winner for any expressions related to the promotion.


  1. The winners will be chosen by a random draw (using an impartial computer program or otherwise). Each promotion will indicate how many prizes there are to win and what the prizes are. In the case of 9292 The Game, winners will not be selected by a random draw, but will be selected based on the first person to achieve a certain number of points/achievements. This person makes this known to 9292 via the prescribed guidelines, which can be read on the promotion page.
  2. The results are not corresponded to the participants, except for the announcement of the winner.
  3. The price is personal and not transferable to third parties.
  4. The price is not refundable for money and cannot be exchanged for other products or services.
  5. 9292 will take care of declaring and withholding of gaming tax (or having gaming tax be withheld), in so far this is needed.

Personal data and data processing

  1. Participant shall authorise the processing of personal data in connection with participation in the promotion. The personal data will be used to be able to execute the promotion and for the purpose of awarding of the prize.
  2. 9292 may include the personal data of participants in its database, which will be treated confidentially (see privacy statement)
  3. Data provided when participating in the promotion or otherwise held by 9292 in the course of participation are stored in the database of 9292 and possibly linked to your social account (e.g. Facebook). This information can be used for making targeted offers by 9292 or targeted communication by 9292 on social media (e.g. Facebook) or display advertising. If you have given permission to send the newsletter, the above-mentioned personal data can also be used to customize the newsletter to your interests and to show you specific offers.
  4. 9292 is responsible for the correct processing of personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).
  5. Under the AVG everyone has a set of rights. We will do our utmost to meet these requirements to best of our ability. To make use of your rights, you can contact us via privacyofficer@9292.nl stating Rights of those involved and add the name of the promotion.

Liability and other conditions

  1. Participation shall be at the participant's own risk subject to mandatory law.
  2. Participant is responsible for the correct entry and transmission of data.
  3. 9292 cannot be held responsible for technical problems in the app or website. It may also not be responsible for, inter alia:
    a. Any technical defect and/or delays;
    b. Defect in the internet traffic (dropping of connection etc.).
  4. 9292 is not responsible for any defects of postal or shipping companies (e.g. delay, strike, damage or loss). In the event that the winner, a housemate/or other person present cannot receive a registered price on delivery, the winner will have to collect the prize at a later date (e.g. post office or postal agency, etc.). In such a case, the provider cannot be held liable if the prize is not picked up by the winner or received by an unauthorized person, even if there is no notification or notice in any form left behind by the post or shipping companies, or if this notification is lost or damaged in an unacceptable way.
  5. 9292 reserves the right, at any time, without prior or further notice:
    a. To exclude participants from participating in the promotion if it believes that they are abusing the promotion, do not act in accordance with these conditions of the promotion, act fraudulently and/or attempt to influence the promotion unlawfully.
    b. Make changes and improvements to the promotion or restrict and/or terminate access to the promotion;
    c. To change these general game conditions, other conditions and prices or to terminate the promotion prematurely if deemed necessary.
  6. The Promotional Gambling Code applies to the promotion. 9292 acts in accordance with this code of conduct.
  7. The general game conditions (including the specific game conditions) can be adjusted at any time by 9292. We therefore recommend that you regularly review the terms and conditions.


  • You will receive a message if you have won. 
  • By participating in this promotion you agree to the general promotion conditions, we do not use the content you post.