Public transportation and the coronavirus

Travel responsibly, mask required

Latest update: Tuesday 15 December 2020 08:00

The following applies for travelling in the Netherlands: travel as little as possible, limit the number of excursions and avoid crowds. 

Wearing a non-medical facemask is mandatory when travelling with public transport for anyone aged 13 and older. Wearing a facemask made from a sock or scarf is insufficient. If your return trip is on the same day, please make sure to have an extra (new or washed) facemask for this trip.


Public transport services in the Netherlands act in line with industry association OV-NL. With regards to restrictions, we act according to the rules of the government and the RIVM. They are the experts and guiding principle during these times. You can read the latest news at the website of OV-NL(Dutch).

In case of any special circumstances in public transport as a result of the restrictions, we will publish an announcement on the dutch page only.

Public notice

We can only restrain the coronavirus together. That is why the following restrictions are in place:

  • Work from home as much as possible.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • If travel is necessary, avoid traveling during peak hours and spread out your trips throughout the day.
  • Wearing a facemask is mandatory in public transport. We request that you also wear a facemask on crowded platforms and at crowded bus stops.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance outside the vehicles.
  • Be extra hygienic, for example by washing your hands.
  • Do not use public transport if you suffer symptoms that resemble Covid-19.
  • Make room for each other.

The front doors are opening again

Most busses and trams of many transport services have been fitted with screens around the driver’s seat. This measure allows us to open the front doors of the vehicles again. This means you can board and check in at the front of the bus or tram again.
As the front door will open again, we would like to create one-way traffic inside the bus. Please board the bus at the front and disembark at the middle or back exits. This helps us to keep public transport safe.

Not all transport services will open their front doors already. If this is the case, please board using the back door and check in. When boarding using the backdoor, you will be unable to buy a ticket from the driver. You will need a valid ticket before you board the bus. We advise you to travel with your OV chip card or an e-ticket.

Ticket control

To avoid as much hand-hand contact as possible, travellers are requested to hold their own ticket/phone in front of the reader. In this way, the people responsible for inspecting tickets on the train, bus, tram, metro and public water transport do not have to touch tickets or phones of the travellers.

Travellers are responsible for checking in and out during your travels. This applies for all public transport in the Netherlands.

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