New function in the planning block on the website

Lock your stop!

Latest update: Thursday 31 October 2019 10:28

We have something new in the planner on our website and we are very curious about your opinion of it. From now on you can fix your departure and/or arrival stop. By doing this you get a travel advice in which you get on or off at the stop of your preference. Read on, and your trip will become even more personal.

Plan from the stop that is by your door!

A frequently mentioned wish of customers is to get a travel advice from the stop which they enter. We now plan the fastest trip for you and sometimes it happens that we come up with a travel advice for you, different from what you expected. This may entail that we suggest you walk to another stop than you have suggested and that is not desirable for everyone.

Lock in the planning block

By using the lock symbol in the 'From' or 'To' field in the planning block, you force the travel planner to plan your trip only from and / or to that particular stop. This can save a lot of walking time in some cases. However, this may also mean that you travel a little longer in total and that you get a different connection with either more or fewer transfers. Try it yourself so you discover the differences in the planner.

Convenient to know

  • You cannot use the lock for a 'Via stop' (transfer stop), because we already have that determined for you. 
  • (Large) Train stations you do not need to lock. Locking is not necessary in these cases. We are already leading you to the nearest stop. 
  • You may not see the fastest option because of the use of the lock, but a more comfortable journey because you have to walk less far to your departure point. This may mean that you will have to transfer more. 
  • It may happen that at the moment you want to travel there is no transportation from your stop. Then look for an alternative travel advice by planning without locking the stop. Then we will give you the fastest travel advice. 
  • It is not the case that we will remember your stop at a next visit. Via the My 9292 environment you can easily save your favourite stops. As soon as you are logged in, your saved stops will appear when filling in the departure and arrival fields. You can also give the stops your own name for them. 
  • The fixing of a stop is only available in the planner on the website, for the time being. 
  • The locking of a stop cannot be used in combination with planning an accessible trip. When planning an accessible journey, we take into account the accessibility of stops, stations and of the vehicles. If the stop you want to lock is not accessible then you would not receive travel advice while there might be an option nearby. So in those cases we overrule the lock and we give priority to planning an accessible journey. 

What is the name of that stop around the corner and where is it?

To be able to lock a stop you have to know the name of the stop. It may well be that you do not know this. And sometimes you are somewhere and you just do not know where the stop is. We help you with this. At the top of the bar of the website you will see a location icon, when you click on it, we will show you the stops that are near you at that moment.

My location map

Or use the map in My 9292. When you log in to 'My 9292' you will immediately see on the map where you are at that moment. When you zoom in on the map you will see the stops in your area and you can decide where you want to walk to. By clicking on the stop you can put it in the planner. This stop can then be locked again so that a trip is planned from that particular stop.


We are curious about you opinion!

Let us know what you think of this new addition. Give us your feedback via Facebook Messenger or via Twitter. We like to take your findings into account in the developments of our planner on the website and in the apps.

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