Public transport data

Databases with public transport information

Information regarding stops, zones and trajectories is often a part of applications, price calculations and investigations. Do you have a route planning system or another application, and would you like to make use of public transport information? View our options here.

Coördinaten Haltebestand

Coordinates Stop Database

Through this database, you are provided with information regarding the coordinates of stops in a predetermined area. Using this information, you can see where a stop is located, its coordinates, and which type(s) of transportation (modalities) can be used at the stop.


Postal Code Zone Number Database

For this database, we link the zone number to a 6-position postal code.


Postal Code Zone Database

The Postal Code Zone Database shows the postal code that belongs to a zone number. In addition, we provide information regarding the location, the street and the house number(s) connected to the postal code.


Half-Zone Matrix

The Half-Zone Matrix calculates the shortest zonal distance between two zones.

All of the abovementioned data provisions can be obtained for a municipality, province or for the whole of the Netherlands.

Frequentie- & Trajectenbestanden

Frequency & Trajectory Databases

This database provides information regarding public transportation routes. With this, you can see how often a bus, train, tram or metro stops at a stop or station.

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